About the Blog

Hi all,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Let’s get some awkward introductions out of the way.

I’m Ashley.  I’ve written for newspapers and advertisers and government agencies. You can find those things on my portfolio website. But, you won’t find that sort of stuff here. Here, I write for fun and not for money (though I mean, I’ll take some money if you’re offering it).

On this blog, I will chronicle my attempts to bake my way through The Great British Baking Show and share the results both good and bad (mostly bad) with you.

I’ve  broken down those posts by type so you can find them under the obviously-named categories like “Cookies”, “Cakes” and “Bread”, etc.

I hope you like my blog and if not, I hope you don’t bother reading it. Life’s too short to spend time reading things on the Internet you don’t like. Go watch some reruns of The Great British Baking Show instead. It’s pretty great.

But if you want to stay here and read awhile, I’d really appreciate it and I’m glad you stopped by.

Thanks, Ashley

P.S. If you feel like supporting my Great British Baking Show project, you can donate some dough (tacky, awful baking pun) through PayPal: paypal.me/sometimesibakeblog. I’ll use the money to help pay for the ingredients or to go towards baking equipment I don’t have yet. I’m looking at you stand mixture.

P.P.S. We’re now on Facebook. (I don’t know why I said “we’re” I’m the only one here.) You can find the blog on Facebook at “Sometimes I Bake Mistakes Blog”

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