Sometimes I Bake Mistakes: Celebrity Edition

I decided to bake my way through the Great British Baking Show (GBBS for short) and write about it. Don’t know much about GBBS? No worries. Check out my first blog in this series to learn more about the show and about why I decided to do this, for better or for worse (so far, mostly worse).


Sorry, I’ve been slacking.

This time I was supposed to make a Prinsesstårta or a Swedish Princess Cake. But I didn’t, because I’ve been distracted by a sinus infection which has me all like:

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So seeing as how I’m going to need all of my energy (and the few skills I have) to take on the dreaded Prinsesstårta, I decided to put it off, at least until after Thanksgiving.

So instead, I’ll update you on some important Sometimes I Bake Mistakes celebrity news.

Just FYI, I consider everyone on reality cooking or baking shows celebrities, especially everyone on GBBS. That includes the hosts, judges and even the contestants – most especially the contestants. The contestants are my favorite.

And my absolute favorite of these favorites is Nadiya from GBBS season 3 (or season 6 in the U.K.). Spoiler alert – Nadiya is the winner of that season. But that’s not the reason I love her. I love her because of the speech she gave when she won.

This one:



That doesn’t do the speech justice. You should really watch Nadiya say it here.

But seriously that speech is amazing right? Just got-punchingly, ridiculously amazing. The way she tears up at the end, I just, I can’t even. This is what I look like every time I watch it:


Full disclosure – that speech right there was the reason I decided to do this baking project/blog.

I’ve never been very good at trying things that are hard for me, that don’t come naturally. I’m not very practiced at doing things that require, well, practice.

Odds are, if I tried something once and it was hard for me, this is how I reacted to doing it again:

giphy (1)
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This isn’t a personality trait I’m proud of, but it’s one I know I have. I’m attempting to change it.

Thanks to Nadiya.

Because if you watch season 3 of GBBS you will see Nadiya fail, pretty spectacularly a bunch of times. Girl could not handle the technical challenges there for a while. But like a true Brit, Nadiya keeps calm and carries on. She just never quits.

What she does instead, is bake and make the best facial expressions the world has ever seen.

I mean just look at this:


Just as amusingly, throughout the season you also get to see Nadiya’s sassiness grow in proportion to her confidence. Which means by the end of the season, she goes full on smart-ass on the judge Paul.


So, yeah, you get it. I love Nadiya. She’s inspiring. She’s funny. She’s not going to take Paul’s nonsense without a comeback. She’s a cake baking genius with world-class facial expressions and, oh yeah, she’s a liker of my tweets.


I kind of buried the lead there, but anyway, to repeat: Nadiya liked my tweet. This tweet:

See. Here’s proof.

Here’s the tweet:


I was talking about Nadiya’s new cooking show on Netflix – The Big Family Cooking Showdown. I’m calling it Nadiya’s show but there are other people there. Nadiya is just one of two hosts.

The show is about what it sounds like: families competing in a cooking showdown. At the end, one family is named Britain’s best amateur cooking family. Sound a bit like GBBS? Of course it does. It’s designed that way to play on the hearts and minds of GBBS lovers.

And it works.

I love it almost as much as I love GBBS. Not just because of Nadiya, but because it’s, well, nice.

It’s a nice show about nice families cooking really, really nice food.

If a show could be a Hufflepuff, this show would be a Hufflepuff. (Seriously, if you don’t know what a Hufflepuff is, go read Harry Potter already. It’s sort of ridiculous you haven’t yet, no offense.)

Anyway, what really makes this show great is exactly what made GBBS great – the contestants are nice to each other, genuinely nice to each other. They support each other, encourage each other and go crazy for each others’ food.

I’d gladly eat dinner at any of their houses. Which I why I was so psyched when two of the three contestants from the winning family liked my tweet too.

It made me feel like this:


I admit it may seem silly and so “millennial” of me to get excited about something on social media.

But bear with me here, I know that Twitter and all social media gets a bad rap for being artificial – for taking away from real human interaction. And yeah, sometimes it does do that. Other times it’s just another platform for jerks to be jerks.

But sometimes, social media can do the opposite. Sometimes it allows people who would never cross paths in real life to spread a little kindness to each other.

And that’s pretty cool.

There’s something special about a famous baker/television presenter/queen-birthday-cake-baker taking time out of her day to like the tweet of some Nebraskan lady who is not a famous baker/television presenter/queen-birthday-cake-baker.

Because even though we lead very different lives, things like this are proof that we all have so much more in common than we think.

Most people at their core just want to share some nice food with some nice people and that’s why shows like GBBS and The Big Family Cooking Showdown are so great. They celebrate this commonality. This sameness. Which is pretty damn neat.

So watch some GBBS and The Great Family Cooking Showdown already and while you’re watching, remember that awesome Nadiya lady liked my tweet, so we’re practically best friends now, right?


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Or you know, not, whatever.

P.S. If for some crazy reason Nadiya ever sees this, I just want to apologize if I came off a bit creepy. I swear I am not creepy, though, in retrospect, saying that did not make me sound less creepy. My bad.

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Anyway…Happy Thanksgiving! May your holiday be filled with nice people and really nice food.

P.S. You can follow me on Twitter here. I have embarrassingly few friends on here but Nadiya does like my tweets sometimes, just so you know, in case you forgot…

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Update: Nadiya just liked my tweet about this exact blog post!


This tweet:


I can’t even handle this! Me right now: